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Past News

December 2005:
My Internet radio station is on the air! Please see my Radio page for all the details! (Update: Nov 2010: Please see my Summer/Autumn news item.)

February 2005: Please see my blog, "Changing The World Through Music." Your comments are welcome! (Update: Nov 2010: I have temporarily discontinued my blog until I have time to devote to it!)

Summer 2004: I have been involved in some "outside" projects, and have been performing upgrades to my recording studio--new computer, software and digital interface!

Mar/Apr 2004: Once again, I am busy writing and arranging music for the latest incarnation of a musical melodrama presented as a part of my hometown's celebration, Gold Nugget Days. This year's performance is extra special, because it is being dedicated to the memory of my father, Clifton S. "Kip" James, Jr., who was the first to stage a professional musical in Paradise. He was also instrumental in the early planning stages of the Paradise Performing Arts Center. (See the Photo Gallery for the full story.) I'd like to thank my friends, Len Fulton and Richard Lauson, and everyone involved with this year's melodrama. Thanks for remembering my dad–if he were here, I'm sure he'd want to be involved in some way! My thanks also to everyone at the PPAC and the Gold Nugget Museum.

Jan 2004: The song, "Beautiful Ways" has been accepted by the Music Oven Network, which provides subscriber-based programming for businesses. (Update 2010: Unfortunately, "MON" is no longer in service, but it was a pleasure to be involved.)

Dec 2003: "Celebrate!" airs in Europe (Dec. 20th). See the Radio Show page for more info. (Update 2010: Due to time constraints, I was only able to produce one show. It was fun though, and I may do more special shows in the future!)

Oct 2003: To Russia With Love! Music from "Rainbow Garden" and preview material from "Wisdom" will air on "Radio Penguin" in Novosibursk Russia (pop. 1.5 million). I'd like to thank my new friend Serge and everyone at Radio Penguin. Best wishes... and stay warm!

Sept 2003: My first radio program, "Celebrate! with Brockton James" is in final production. This special holiday program will air in Europe in December. I have been involved in producing radio programs in years past, so this is certainly bringing back some memories! I hope to do a couple of shows a year.

July/Aug 2003: I am serving as the musical director for a local production of "Dark of the Moon," which opens on September 4th. It's presented by Theatre on the Ridge, and is being directed by my friend, Richard Lauson. I have been busy coordinating and researching music, and rehearsing the actors and musicians. I am also doing the sound design (prerecorded music and sound effects) for the production.

March/April 2003: I am the musical director for the musical melodrama, "Further Perils in Pair O' Dice," a popular stage show presented for a hometown celebration called "Gold Nugget Days." I have been busy for about 3 months, writing and arranging music, and most recently, rehearsing with the band and vocalists (I'm playing bass with the band). The show consists of approximately 30 songs! (Photos from the show are in the Photo Gallery.)





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